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Shaoling, having realised that the only ballet she is capable of is the port de bras, decided to leave the fancy footwork to those onstage and took up the pen instead. On good days, she is a struggling student with a lifelong addiction to continental philosophy. On bad days, she looks in the mirror and remembers that she is not Sylvie Guillem.

Ma Shaoling's Reviews


Consultation by spell#7


Near Life Experience by Ballet Preljocaj


Morphia Series by Helen Herbertson and Ben Cobham
Conjunto Di Nero by Emio Greco / PC


Le Festin D'Immortalité by Singapore Dance Theatre and H. Art Chaos
The Fall of the House of Usher by Ballett Nürnberg/Oper Nürnberg
Moon Water by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre
Little Lee I: The Forgotten Journey Home by The Arts Fission Company


Anaphaza by Batsheva Dance Company
Opal-D by nomadi productions
Passages by LASALLE-SIA Repertory Dance Company
Rain by tammy l. wong dance company
Asia-Europe Dance Forum Part 1 by The Asia-Europe Foundation and the Goethe Institut


Fantasy Creatures and Other Things by Ecnad Project
Light-Time-Open Space by Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal
September September by tammy l. wong dance company
Requiem by Ea Sola
Summer Song by tammy l. wong dance company
Ever After by the tammy l. wong dance company


American Ballet Theatre
A-the-Bird by Dance Dimension Project
Spring Day by Pappa Tarahumara
Export File by Chunky Move

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Ratings out of 5, based on Practitioner's Vision / Reviewer's Response: ***** = Transcendent / Rapturous;
**** = Crystal / Appreciative; *** = Transmitted / Thoughtful; ** = Vague / Unsatisfied; * = Uncommunicated / Mystified.