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Yi-Sheng is a full-time writer of poetry, plays, reviews, news and corporate flash. His books include the poetry collection last boy, the non-fiction book SQ21: Singapore Queers in the 21st Century, and a novelisation of the film Eating Air. He's also got a professional blog at http://lastboy.blogspot.com, and is listed in Wikipedia in Swedish. Plus he just won the Singapore Literature Prize (English category, 2008). Woohoo!



First Light by Toy Factory Theatrical Productions
Lucky Stiff by LaSalle College of the Arts
David the Best! (Da Wei Bi Jia) by Drama Box
Blonde Bombshells of 1943 by British Theatre Playhouse
Sidang Burung
by Teater Ekamatra
Blood Binds by Magdalena (Singapore) and the Substation
Mama's Wedding by ACTION Theatre
Macbeth by World-in-Theatre and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
The King Lear Project: A Trilogy by Ho Tzu Nyen / Fran Borgia
Forward Moves by Ebelle Chong / Neo Hong Chin / Joavien Ng
Death of a Hero by Puppet Square
The Enchantment of Sangkuriang by SimplyWorks
Break-ing Ji Po Ka Si Pe Cah by Pentas Theatre Collaboration Project
Frozen Angels by the Necessary Stage
What Is Man? by National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center and Edward Lam Dance Theatre
Divine Wind and Tears Lost in the Rain by The Theatre Training and Research Programme
Shanghai Blues by Toy Factory Theatrical Productions


Yi-Sheng's Picks of 2007

Mad Forest by Young & W!ld
Postcards from Rosa by ACTION Theatre
Kumar: The Queen by Dream Academy Productions
Tree Duet by spell#7
If There're Seasons by The Theatre Practice
Trick or Threat by Drama Box
Bulan Madu by Teater Ekamatra
Mabou Mines Dollhouse
by Mabou Mines
Cogito by Checkpoint Theatre
A Midsummer Night's Dream by the Singapore Repertory Theatre
Blithe Spirit by W!ld Rice
0501 by The Finger Players
No Regrets: A Tribute to Edith Piaf by Sing'theatre
How Did the Cat Get So Fat? by Teater Ekamatra
Survivor Singapore by The Necessary Stage and Cake Theatre


Yi-Sheng's Picks of 2006

Mama Looking for her Cat by The Theatre Practice
Jack and the Beansprout by W!ld Rice
Horseface by The Experimental Theatre Club
Tick, Tick... BOOM! by Fiction Farm
Forbidden City
by The Singapore Repertory Company
The Campaign to Confer the Public Service Star on JBJ by W!ld Rice
Homesick by W!ld Rice
Children's Letters to God by Asia Major
Mobile by The Necessary Stage
Geisha by TheatreWorks
Death and the Ploughman
by the SITI Company
The Canterbury Tales by The Stage Club
The Art of War by Lars Otterstedt and Ramesh Meyyappan
Queen Ping by Cake Theatre
Aspects of Love by New Voice Company
Duets 2 by spell#7
Furthest North, Deepest South
by The Finger Players
Lightology by Tokidoki-Jido
Projek Suitcase by Teater Ekamatra
The Secret of Laughter by I Theatre
Sea Peach by Down Dog Productions
The Secret Souk by The Theatre Training and Research Programme
Photographs from S-21 / The Glass Box by Amrita Performing Arts
Rosnah by The Necessary Stage
Objects for Meditation by William Yang


Separation 40 by Dramalab and The Necessary Stage
Second Link by W!ld Rice

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