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When not worshipping at the altar of the great bard or his other personal idol, the X-men's Wolverine, Marcus dreams of riding on a horse in a suit of armour, sings with choral ensemble Tone Culture and plays the piano and the guitar. He also said something about the "fantasies explored in Diablo" and something else about Derrida being "intriguing and incomprehensible" but I am too confused to understand exactly what he's talking about or explain it to you...

Marcus Tan's Reviews


An Immaculate Misconception by The Singapore Repertory Theatre
by The Necessary Stage

Obsessive Repulsive Madness by In Source Theatre
The Lover and The Dumb Waiter by luna-id


The Global Soul: The Buddha Project by TheatreWorks
The Rivals by The Stage Club
Modern Dance for Beginners by Escape Theatre Limited


The Crucible by NUS Theatre Studies Programme
Close - In My Face by The Necessary Stage
BOTE: The Beginning of the End by The Necessary Stage
Peer Pleasure by The Necessary Stage
Of Mice and Men by I Theatre


Romeo and Juliet by I Theatre and Imaginarts
Leitmotiv by Les Deux Mondes
The Canterbury Tales by The Stage Club
[names changed to protect the innocent]: untitled shadowed retina ii by The Necessary Stage


The New Adventures of Little Prince by Dance Dimension Project
The Theory of Everything by The Singapore Repertory Theatre
The Iliad: Greek Mythology in Kathakali by Swadhin Productions
Oleanna by The Singapore Repertory Theatre
The Spirits Play by TheatreWorks

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Ratings out of 5, based on Practitioner's Vision / Reviewer's Response: ***** = Transcendent / Rapturous;
**** = Crystal / Appreciative; *** = Transmitted / Thoughtful; ** = Vague / Unsatisfied; * = Uncommunicated / Mystified.