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For two years, Malcolm worked on his sautés and développés while his teacher tried not to look. Modern-dance classes later inspired nightmares of Martha Graham, who would admonish him to dance from his vagina. Since then, he has remained convinced that he is neither a turner nor a jumper. In 2003, he attended the American Dance Festival's Institute for Dance Criticism in Durham, North Carolina, as a New York Times Foundation Fellow.

Malcolm Tay's Reviews


Howl Under The Moon and My Mother by TAIHEN


Ballet Under The Stars by Singapore Dance Theatre
Sinfonia Eroica by Charleroi/Danses
Sacred Monsters
by Sylvie Guillem with the Akram Khan Company


Shanghai Beauty by Jin Xing Dance Theatre
Whose Voice Cries Out? by Singapore Dance Theatre


The Nutcracker by Singapore Dance Theatre
The Next Wave 2005: Quintessence by NUS Dance Ensemble
Solo and Paper Doll by Padmini Chettur
Love in a Doggy Bag
by McMuiMui Dansemble


The Sleeping Beauty on Ice by The Imperial Ice Stars
The Next Wave 2004 by NUS Dance Ensemble
Swan Lake City by The National Theatre of Northern Greece


Dance Reflections 2003 by The Centre for the Arts, NUS


Dance 10 by Frontier Danceland
Raise the Red Lantern by The National Ballet of China
The Next Wave 2002: Remembrance of a Decade by NUS Dance Ensemble
Mixed Bill by Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Missing in Tall Pillars by Ecnad Project
Asia-Europe Dance Forum Part 2 by The Asia-Europe Foundation and the Goethe Institut


Underground Works by Dance Dimension Project
Sharing II - Soulless Souls by Frontier Danceland


Allee Der Kosmonauten by Berlin Schaubühne
Candoco Dance Company
Sharing I - The Coloured Ladies by Frontier Danceland
Synergy! Live in Concert! by NUS Dance Synergy
The Next Wave 2000 by NUS Dance Ensemble
Fresh from the Oven by Dance Dimension Project
Sloka by The Chandralekha Group
The New Adventures of Little Prince by Dance Dimension Project
Subterrestrials by The Arts Fission Company
American Stories by The Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company
Four Works by Singapore Dance Theatre
Sexing Three Millennia by City Contemporary Dance Company
New Dance Lab V - Face 2 Face by Frontier Danceland
Y-Junction by LASALLE-SIA Repertory Dance Company
River of Life by Radical Performing Arts
Remembering Jesus by tammy l. wong dance company
Odyssey to the Sublime by Odyssey Dance Theatre
U by Dance Dimension Project

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