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Kenneth was the founder of the Anderson Secondary Drama Club during his time in the school as an English Language teacher. He has also written for and acted with various theatre companies in Singapore over the years as well as worked on community-based drama projects with the Singapore Drama Educators Association, etc. In 2007, he completed his Ed.M in the Arts in Education which included a course in critical writing about the arts. He is currently the Deputy Principal of Raffles Institution.

Kenneth Kwok's Reviews


The Office Party by The Singapore Repertory Theatre
Flare by The Finger Players and Cake Theatrical Productions
Boom by Stage Two
Own Time Own Target by W!ld Rice
The Last Temptation of Stamford Raffles by W!ld Rice
Angel-ism by panggung ARTS and Drama Box
The Minister's Wife?! by Quiet Riot
Class Enemy
by East West Theatre Company (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Full Frontal: Rhinoceros by Zizi Azah
Ma'ma Yong: About Nothing Much To Do by panggung ARTS
Peti Kayu Ibu by Teater Ekamatra
National Language Class by spell#7
House of Sins
by Drama Box
Foreplay by Underground Theatre
Above Us Only Sky by Zizi Azah Bte Abdul Majid
La Traviata by Singapore Lyric Opera
Eclipse by The Necessary Stage and 7:84 Theatre Company


Kenneth's Picks of 2007

Trick or Threat by Drama Box
Lord of the Flies by Samantha Scott-Blackhall
The Pillowman by The Singapore Repertory Theatre
Good People by The Necessary Stage
That Thing You Do by Tapestry Playback Theatre
Hitting (On) Women by ACTION Theatre
King Lear by the Royal Shakespeare Company
Mishima: Women in Love by World-in-Theatre
Full Frontal by Peter Sau and Li Xie
Wong Kar Wai Dreams by The Finger Players


Kenneth's Picks of 2006

Bitter Chocolate by World-in-Theatre
The Silence of the Kittens by W!ld Rice
Cabaret by Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble
The Dresser by The Singapore Repertory Theatre
The Glass Menagerie by I Theatre
Mentah 3: Barisan Puteri Puteri by Teater Ekamatra
The Candlestickmaker by Indian Ink Theatre Company
The Magic Fundoshi
by W!ld Rice
Army Daze
by Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble

Exploding Rice by Riverbed Theatre
Never the Sinner by The Stage Club


Talking Heads by The Stage Club
Still Flight and 3 Women by The Substation
Lovepuke by TheatreWorks
by spell#7

Two Women for One Ghost and La Musica by World-in-Theatre


The Visit of the Tai Tai by W!ld Rice
Hossan: Gassed up, Spammed up but Not Handing over Yet by The World Media Group
For the Pleasure of Seeing Her Again by W!ld Rice
The Tell-Tale Heart and The Masque of the Red Death by Ramesh Meyyappan
3 Men Meet 3 Women by The Substation
Sandakan Threnody by TheatreWorks
Kiss Me Like You Mean It by Escape Theatre Limited
Such Sweet Sorrow by The Necessary Stage
The Gospel According to Mark by World-in-Theatre


Chestnuts Unloaded: The Curse of the Black Pearl Bubble Tea by Stages
Dancing with Dragons by I Theatre
Mardi Gras by The Necessary Stage
Bent by Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble
The Royal Hunt of the Sun by World-in-Theatre
Spilt Gravy on Rice by Dramalab
Confessions of Three Unmarried Women by ACTION Theatre


Legend Alive by Practice Performing Arts Centre Ltd and The Esplanade
Six Degrees of Separation by The Stage Club
Boeing Boeing by W!ld Rice
Comrade Mayor by TheatreWorks
Mistero Buffo and A Woman Alone by Ramesh Meyyappan
Prospero's Children by The Little Company
Mines by Agni Kootthu
Fruitplays by ACTION Theatre
The Ramayana by Asia-in-Theatre Research Centre
7x7 by spell#7
One Flea Spare by luna-id


Sita by Asia-in-Theatre Research Centre
The Coffin Is Too Big for the Hole by Teater Mandiri and The Theatre Practice
Wayang Tempest by 3.14 Company and Dramaplus Arts
A Perfect Love Affair by Mime Unlimited


Under the Last Dust by The Necessary Stage
Triple Bill by HotCurrie Theatre
Mixed Blessings
by The Necessary Stage
The Water Carriers by Theatre Talipot
Ombra by Les Fura dels Baus
Report Cuts by The Dream Academy
A Perfect Ganesh by The Singapore Repertory Theatre
Pink by The small Theatre


42@Waterloo by ACTION Theatre
Brainstorm by The Necessary Stage
Baby with the Bathwater by Ingot Art Dimension
Positive by Next Lab Theatre Ensemble
Emily of Emerald Hill by LK Lifelinks
Completely with/out Character by The Necessary Stage
M. Butterfly by The Singapore Repertory Theatre
Guys and Dolls by Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble
Taking Sides by The Stage Club

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Ratings out of 5, based on Practitioner's Vision / Reviewer's Response: ***** = Transcendent / Rapturous;
**** = Crystal / Appreciative; *** = Transmitted / Thoughtful; ** = Vague / Unsatisfied; * = Uncommunicated / Mystified.