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The shackles of the tertiary education system currently bind Li Ling, which render her directionless in her role as a student. Refuge comes in three forms: a satiating piece of theatre, preferably comic; chilling out to jazz; and a cup of tea while perching on the computer chair watching borrowed DVDs on her iBook. Once in a while, nostalgia hits her hard and she wishes that she were still in junior college doing Theatre Studies and Drama.

Fong Li Ling's Reviews


The Real Inspector Hound by Buds Youth Theatre
The Al-Hamlet Summit by The Sulayman Al-Bassam Theatre Company
Dangerous Liaisons by Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble


The Physicists by luna-id
Shirley Valentine by Escape Theatre Limited
Constant Constipation by Drama Box
The Odd Couple by The Singapore Repertory Theatre


Cinderel-LAH! by W!ld Rice
Cinderella Dreams by Mime Unlimited
Revelations by The Necessary Stage
Cloud Nine by Drama Box


The Search for Asilo by FaithWorks and Central Singapore CDC
Christmas and the Gargoyle Who Wouldn't Say Thank You by The SRT's Little Company
APB Inspire Fest - Double Takes by The SRT's Young Co.

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Ratings out of 5, based on Practitioner's Vision / Reviewer's Response: ***** = Transcendent / Rapturous;
**** = Crystal / Appreciative; *** = Transmitted / Thoughtful; ** = Vague / Unsatisfied; * = Uncommunicated / Mystified.