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Mini-reviews (First Impressions) for 2008 shows which did not subsequently receive a full review are archived here.

2008 Reviews


Beauty World by W!ld Rice (Amos Toh)
Eclipse by The Necessary Stage and 7:84 Theatre Company (Kenneth Kwok)
The Rise and Fall of Little Voice by British Theatre Playhouse (Deanne Tan)
by Quorum Ballet (Stephanie Burridge)
Life is Not a Picnic
by cieLaroque/Helene Weinzierl (Stephanie Burridge)
Howl Under The Moon
and My Mother by TAIHEN (Malcolm Tay)
Chesty Nutty Bang Bang: Hairspray of The Phoenix by Stages (Amos Toh)
La Traviata by Singapore Lyric Opera (Kenneth Kwok)
Above Us Only Sky by Zizi Azah Bte Abdul Majid (Kenneth Kwok)


Jué - Aware by Beijing Modern Dance Company (Stephanie Burridge)
Shanghai Blues by Toy Factory Theatrical Productions (Ng Yi-Sheng)
What Is Man? by National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center and Edward Lam Dance Theatre (Ng Yi-Sheng)


Foreplay by Underground Theatre (Kenneth Kwok)
Divine Wind and Tears Lost in the Rain by The Theatre Training and Research Programme (Ng Yi-Sheng)
House of Sins by Drama Box (Kenneth Kwok)
aKabi by Aydin Teker (Stephanie Burridge)
1000 Camels by The Arts Fission Company (Stephanie Burridge)
Enter#1773 by Dance Horizon Troupe (Stephanie Burridge)
Frozen Angels by the Necessary Stage (Ng Yi-Sheng)
The Pillowman by The Singapore Repertory Theatre (Amos Toh)
Boundaries ... Dreams ... Beyond by Raka Maitra (Stephanie Burridge)


Pinocchio's Complex by The Finger Players (Matthew Lyon)
National Language Class by spell#7 (Kenneth Kwok)
Break-ing Ji Po Ka Si Pe Cah by Pentas Theatre Collaboration Project (Ng Yi-Sheng)
The Enchantment of Sangkuriang by SimplyWorks
(Ng Yi-Sheng)
Peti Kayu Ibu by Teater Ekamatra (Kenneth Kwok)
Hamlet by TNT Britain (Vivienne Tseng)


Death of a Hero by Puppet Square (Ng Yi-Sheng)
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris by Sing'theatre (Stephanie Burridge)
The Hypochondriac by young & W!LD (Amos Toh)
Ma'ma Yong: About Nothing Much To Do by panggung ARTS (Kenneth Kwok)
The Architecture of Silence by The Slovene National Theatre Opera & Ballet Maribor and Ljubljana with the Singapore Festival Orchestra (Malcolm Tay)


Radio and Juliet by The Slovene National Theatre Maribor (Stephanie Burridge)
Drift by Drama Box and Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre (Matthew Lyon)
Forward Moves by Ebelle Chong / Neo Hong Chin / Joavien Ng (Ng Yi-Sheng)
Full Frontal: Rhinoceros by Zizi Azah (Kenneth Kwok)
The King Lear Project: A Trilogy by Ho Tzu Nyen / Fran Borgia (Ng Yi-Sheng)
Continuum by The Singapore Dance Theatre (Stephanie Burridge)
small metal objects by Back to Back Theatre (Matthew Lyon)
Class Enemy by East West Theatre Company (Kenneth Kwok)
Temple by Cake Theatrical Productions (Amos Toh)
Amjad by La La La Human Steps (Malcolm Tay)
Bilik Ahmad by Teater Ekamatra (Jabir Bin Mohd Yusoff)


The Minister's Wife?! by Quiet Riot (Kenneth Kwok)
Macbeth by World-in-Theatre and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Ng Yi-Sheng)
Mama's Wedding by ACTION Theatre (Ng Yi-Sheng)
Moon Story by The Theatre Practice and Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (Vivienne Tseng)


The Swordfish, then The Concubine by W!ld Rice (Matthew Lyon)
Angel-ism by panggung ARTS and Drama Box (Kenneth Kwok)
I Am Queen by The Theatre Practice (Ng Yi-Sheng)
The Last Temptation of Stamford Raffles by W!ld Rice (Naeem Kapadia)
The Last Temptation of Stamford Raffles by W!ld Rice (Kenneth Kwok)
Blood Binds by Magdalena (Singapore) and the Substation (Ng Yi-Sheng)
Own Time Own Target by W!ld Rice (Kenneth Kwok)
Apocalypse: Live! by W!ld Rice (Amos Toh)


Love's Labour's Lost by The Young Co. (Deanne Tan)
Boom by Stage Two (Kenneth Kwok)


Alex: Live on Stage by Eleanor Lloyd Productions (Vivienne Tseng)
The Vagina Monologues by Zebra Crossing (Deanne Tan)
Coppélia by Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève (Stephanie Burridge)
Coppélia by Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève (Deborah Keh)
Checkmate by Albert Tiong (Daniel Kok)
Sabores by Ballet Flamenco Sara Baras (Stephanie Burridge)
ReDoubled by Singapore Dance Theatre (Stephanie Burridge)
Double Bill: Silent Screen & Toss of a Dice by Nederlands Dans Theatre I (Stephanie Burridge)
Sidang Burung by Teater Ekamatra (Ng Yi-Sheng)
Blonde Bombshells of 1943 by British Theatre Playhouse (Ng Yi-Sheng)
Avenue Q by The Singapore Repertory Theatre (Deanne Tan)


Flare by The Finger Players and Cake Theatrical Productions (Kenneth Kwok)
Das Experiment: Black Box by Blank Space Productions (Amos Toh)
The Nutcracker by Singapore Dance Theatre (Stephanie Burridge)
David the Best! (Da Wei Bi Jia) by Drama Box (Ng Yi-Sheng)
First Light by Toy Factory Theatrical Productions (Ng Yi-Sheng)
Lucky Stiff by LaSalle College of the Arts (Ng Yi-Sheng)
The Office Party by The Singapore Repertory Theatre (Kenneth Kwok)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by W!ld Rice (Amos Toh)
It's My Life! by Spare Room Productions (Vivienne Tseng)


Do Not Disturb - Late Checkout, Please by Tan Kheng Hua and Janice Koh (Amos Toh)

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