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2007 Reviews


Forbidden Chestnuts: Portrait of a Brokeback Geisha by Stages (Amos Toh)
Smoking Incense and Stray Birds by Jayanthi Siva and Raka Maitra (Stephanie Burridge)
Survivor Singapore by The Necessary Stage and Cake Theatre (Ng Yi-Sheng)
Everything But The Brain by ACTION Theatre (Deanne Tan)


How Did the Cat Get So Fat? by Teater Ekamatra (Ng Yi-Sheng)
Romeo and Juliet by Stuttgart Ballet (Stephanie Burridge)


Titoudao by Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble (Amos Toh)
Alice in Wonderland by Queensland Ballet (Stephanie Burridge)
The Swimming Instructor by ACTION Theatre (Amos Toh)
No Regrets: A Tribute to Edith Piaf by Sing'theatre (Ng Yi-Sheng)
The Phantom of the Opera by Cameron Mackintosh / Really Useful Theatre Company Ltd (Vivienne Tseng)


Immortalx by The Theatre Practice (guest writer Shen Qiaoyun)
Immortalx by The Theatre Practice (Deanne Tan)
Blithe Spirit by W!ld Rice (Ng Yi-Sheng)
Nothing by Cake Theatrical Productions (Amos Toh)
251 by Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble (Vivienne Tseng)
0501 by The Finger Players (Ng Yi-Sheng)


Three Sisters by Pappa Tarahumara (Stephanie Burridge)
Memory - Human Remains by Collective Mayhem (Deanne Tan)
A Midsummer Night's Dream by the Singapore Repertory Theatre (Ng Yi-Sheng)
Impressions by Singapore Dance Theatre (Stephanie Burridge)
Off Centre by The Necessary Stage (Amos Toh)
Broadway Beng Returns by Dream Academy Productions (Vivienne Tseng)


Dreaming of Kuanyin, Meeting Madonna by Mark Chan and The ARTS FISSION Company (Stephanie Burridge)
Blind Date by Bill T Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company (Stephanie Burridge)
Cogito by Checkpoint Theatre (Ng Yi-Sheng)
Sacred Monsters by Sylvie Guillem with the Akram Khan Company (Malcolm Tay)
Bones in Pages by Saburo Teshigawara and KARAS (Stephanie Burridge)
On North Diversion Road by young & W!LD (Vivienne Tseng)
Wong Kar Wai Dreams by The Finger Players (Kenneth Kwok)
Sinfonia Eroica by Charleroi/Danses (Malcolm Tay)
Full Frontal by Peter Sau and Li Xie (Kenneth Kwok)
Mabou Mines DollHouse by Mabou Mines (Ng Yi-Sheng)
Beijing Ren by People's Art Theatre (Deanne Tan)
Bulan Madu by Teater Ekamatra (Ng Yi-Sheng)


Dim Sum Dollies: The History of Singapore by Dream Academy (Deanne Tan)
Lao Jiu: 9th Born by Stageit SMU (Vivienne Tseng)
Mishima: Women in Love by World-in-Theatre (Kenneth Kwok)
Happy Endings: Asian Boys Vol. 3 by W!ld Rice (Deanne Tan)
Gin and Tonic and Passing Trains by Ramesh Meyyappan in conjunction with Spike Theatre (Matthew Lyon)
King Lear by the Royal Shakespeare Company (Kenneth Kwok)
King Lear by the Royal Shakespeare Company (guest writer Sonny Lim)
Ballet Under The Stars by Singapore Dance Theatre (Malcolm Tay)
Trick or Threat by Drama Box (Ng Yi-Sheng)


Big Fool Lee by Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble (Amos Toh)
perform performing by Jochen Roller (Stephanie Burridge)
Hitting (On) Women by ACTION Theatre (Kenneth Kwok)
If There're Seasons by The Theatre Practice (Ng Yi-Sheng)
FloorPlay by Burn the Floor (Stephanie Burridge)


Real Men, Fake Orgasms by ACTION Theatre (Matthew Lyon)
Hybrid Moves by NUS Centre for the Arts (Stephanie Burridge)
The Campaign to Confer the Public Service Star on JBJ by W!ld Rice (Amos Toh)
Tree Duet by spell#7 (Ng Yi-Sheng)
JAMUAN Bisu...PARAdis_e...? by Gerard Mosterd and Boi Sakti (Stephanie Burridge)


Kumar: The Queen by Dream Academy Productions (Ng Yi-Sheng)
120 by TheatreWorks (Deanne Tan)
Aether by Lucy Guerin Inc (Stephanie Burridge)
About Khon by Lifework Dance Company (Deanne Tan)
Atma by Maya Dance Theatre (Stephanie Burridge)


That Thing You Do by Tapestry Playback Theatre (Kenneth Kwok)
Good People by The Necessary Stage (Kenneth Kwok)
The Pillowman by The Singapore Repertory Theatre (Kenneth Kwok)
Postcards from Rosa by ACTION Theatre (Ng Yi-Sheng)


y grec by Cake Theatrical Productions (Amos Toh)
Lord of the Flies
by Samantha Scott-Blackhall (Kenneth Kwok)
Trick or Threat by Drama Box (Kenneth Kwok)
Mad Forest by Young & W!ld (Ng Yi-Sheng)

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